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Ashley and Kaidan, on the train


The Noveria chill was palpable, seeping through the environmental stabilizer on his suit; on the empty rail transit, there was little to do but pace or wait.

Having claimed one of the seats by the window, Kaidan glanced down to where Ashley dozed comfortably, her own suit warm against his shoulder where she leaned into him. Smiling despite himself, he stretched out his legs as he watched the sheet of ice speeding along beyond the far window.




I have a headcanon that all the environments in Dragon Age II are recycled because Varric didn’t bother to describe them in much detail. So all of  the caves, mansions and ruins looking alike is just Cassandra just imagining them all generic like.

I like this one.

“It’s a cave what more do you want they’re all just…caves” “You’re a dwarf though, aren’t caves meant to be your thing?” “No”

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